Suggestions for Trips

Suggestions for Trips

Castle Buchlov
This very important castle is situated on one of the highest peak of Chřiby above the village Buchlovice. The very first information about this castle goes back to the 1st half of 13th century.

Chateau Buchlovice
The chateau was built at the turn of 18th century in the style of Italian baroque. It is a unique architectonical complex with rich stucco and fresco decorations of the chateau interiors.

belongs to one of the most famous place of pilgrimage in Morava. It is very closely connected to the Sts Cyril and Methodius tradition. Part of the monastery complex is originally Romanesque Basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. The building goes back to 13th century and it belonged to the biggest and the most beautiful building of the late Romanesque and early Gothic style in Czech lands.

It is a very beautiful tourist area that has its place in tourism of not only Morava but also of the whole Czech Republic. Variety of natural beauty and fineness, the magic of local fauna and flora and unique connection of nature and history can be seen here. It is not a vast area but rather smaller one very interesting and sometime even mysterious and mythical mountain range that is full of history. Chřiby area is full of well marked paths for tourists suitable also for mountain bikes and cross country skiing in winter. There can be found lots of interesting places: castle ruin Cimburk, fort of St. Kliment, rock formations Kozel, Komínské scaly, Břestecká skála, castle Buchlov.

Baťa’s canal
Waterway Baťa’s canal was built in years 1934 – 1938. At the moment is the canal working only for tourist and sport boating.

Uherské Hradiště
The town Uherské Hradiště is since long ago considered the natural centre of Slovácko – a region famous for its original folklore, cymbal music, good wine, beautiful costumes and lots of preserved lore. The historical centre was declared urban conservation area.